Sunday, July 21, 2013

Liter of light - Recycling Plastic bottles to make light :)

Rather than seen as trash, plastic bottles are now being viewed as a cheap and sustainable way to light homes.
Shanty town homes in Manila are often built so close to each other that they have no windows or natural light. With electricity unaffordable or unavailable for many slum-inhabitants, many families often have to work, do chores, and eat in near darkness.
Now a simple innovation called the "Solar Bottle Bulb" is popping out of roofs and illuminating the lives of many..
Check out the video of how it changed the lights in Philippines

If you are interested to do it yourself, check the video below

It is a very cool initiative. Please spread the word :)
Check out their website Literoflight

Car Exhibition in 1980s at Kuwait

Cool Ad for Evian Water - Baby and me :) Live Young

Watch the making below

How to train your dragon 2 - Official Teaser Trailer

Set for release on June 2014. Should be good :)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Androidly : World's first smartwatch that makes calls and comes with a built-in camera

A group of college students from India - including a designer who is just 17 years old - has beaten the likes of Apple, Google and Sony to launch the world's first fully-featured smartwatch.
Called Androidly, the device comes with Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi and a camera built-in. 
The £150 watch can also be used as a phone to make calls and send texts using a phone SIM card and packs up to 16GB of storage.


Although other smart watches, including the Pebble and Sony's Live Watch, can wirelessly connect with mobile phones, Androidly is the first to come with the operating system fully integrated. 
Androidly has a 2inch screen and comes with a 2MP camera.

compare watches.

I'm Watch$36010644YesNoNoNoNo
Sony LiveView$80101280YesNoNoNoNo

/ / tech specs.

Weight160 g
Dimensions6.4 x 4.2 x 1.4 cm
Operating System
Android 2.2
416 MhZ
256 MB RAM
Removable Storage
8 GB SD included., Upto 16 GB SD.
2.5 GSM network: GSM 850/900/1800/1900
Bluetooth 2.0, WiFi B/G
2 Mega Pixel
GPS with A-GPS
2 inch, Capacitive Touch Screen., 320×240 Resolution.

 / do everything.

Androidly Smart Watch


Androidly is the world's smallest fully featured android device. we have customized Android deeply to create a beautiful and functional user experience on the smaller watch screen. Feel at home with the regular Android experience. Carrying separate device for different things is a thing of the past now.
Androidly Smart Watch


With the power of Android, all your contacts are available, and you can call them directly with a tap on your wrist. Use the inbuilt speakerphone and mic, or connect a bluetooth headset and talk away! The SIM goes under the battery. Threaded SMS are inbuilt. You can even connect your VoIP provider!

Androidly Smart Watch


A camera on your wrist watch opens up many possibilities. Its always out there on your wrist, so you are always ready to click when memorable moments present themselves. Capture unique angles or use it to automatically capture images every minute, to create a photo-journal of your life!
Androidly Smart Watch


Be an explorer, know all the routes and destinations, without taking your hands off the wheel.Voice guided turn by turn navigation. Experience navigation on your wrist and travelling will never be the same again.

Androidly Smart Watch


Carry the powers of the Internet, in the most stylish form factor available, in your watch. Connect over high speed WiFi to all your favorite sites and data. Your emails, schedule, contacts and videos are always in sync. Youtube videos play smoothly. Experience the internet in symbiotically.
Androidly Smart Watch


Connect and communicate with all your connected devices, and keep track of the latest from your wrist. Create a true Personal Area Network, with all your devices accessible from your wrist. Listen to music, make calls, sync & share and also control Bluetooth peripherals seamlessly.

 / team of dreamers.

A group of young creative people without any limits to our imagination! We code, play, eat and dream together. Sometimes we never sleep!


Apurva Sukant


Has been tinkering with computers ever since he got his hands on a 386. An avid minimalist, he is mesmerized with anything miniaturized, especially electronics. Intellectual Property Lawyer by profession. Plays the violin and basketball in his spare time


Ankit Pradhan


Electronics Engineer by profession. Passionate about embedded devices and convergence of technology. Enjoys hiking, playing basketball. Software developer during the day.


Bala Murugan


Android enthusiast with love for Mathematics and Computers. Always up to date with the Android world. Strongly believes in innovative and out of the box ideas. Respects and supports open source projects. Loves opening the innings in cricket .


Siddhant Vats


A computer wizard with a vision. He has been imparting computer knowledge & skills to the underprivileged. Actively engaged in social issues and a relentless globe trotter who has travelled to more than 25 countries. Enjoys cricket and has played for Southern California Cricket Club.


Pavneet Puri


A Software engineer with a Masters in Information Technology. Bitten by the computer bug at a very young age and has had a distinct affair with marketing. A fitness maniac and a sports fanatic who loves the great outdoors. An avid social media enthusiast with much love for networking.