Sunday, November 25, 2012

Kim Kardashian Coming to Kuwait on November 28th 2012

According to news Kim Kardashian is coming to Kuwait this Wednesday November 28th 2012 for the inauguration of the Millions of Milkshakes at the Avenues Phase III. The inauguration will be on November 29th (Thursday) 2012.
On the 30th she will  be having V.I.P Dinner at LeNotre and also she might be visiting 52 Degrees at Tilal Complex in Kuwait.
She will leave for Bahrain on December 1st. According to her official Video she seems very exited about the visit to Kuwait and she wishes to meet all the people.
Check out the official video below

Currently Mark from 248am is having a competition for Kim Kardashian meet and greet Giveaway based on the question "What would you ask Kim Kardashian if you could ask her just one question? "

These tickets will allow you to meet Kim Kardashian at Millions of Milkshakes during the opening as well as take pictures with her.The normal price for the Meet and Greet Ticket is 350 KWD !!!

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