Monday, December 24, 2012

Wishing everybody a Very Happy & Cute Christmas

Hey, that's my hat! Photographer Mark Taylor supplies card companies and calendar makers all over the world with his cute snaps
Even the coldest-hearted Scrooge would have their heart melted by these adorable Christmas animals
What a little cracker: The photographer manages to distract his subjects just long enough to get the perfect shot
Give us a slice! The photographer has mastered the art of getting different animals to work together
Baa Humbug: This little lamb does not seem to think much of his Santa hat
Dog tired: Dressed in Santa hats or playing with tinsel the animals start their merry modelling careers aged just six weeks old
Peekaboo! The photographer is following in the footsteps of his renowned photographer mum Jane Burton who passed away in 2007
'I'm not sure this suits me': The photgapher said continuing his mother's work was 'a lovely experience'... although this chap doesn't look so sure
Where are the huskies when you need them? Mark Taylor has now become known as 'the master of cuteness' for his work with animals
Nuts about Christmas: This cheeky little chap won't be telling anyone where he has squirreled his presents away until the big day
It wasn't us: These two look like they may been caught up in some trouble as they play with Christmas decorations

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