Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Stunning video of racecar crash off side of Colorado mountain

One of the racecars on a dangerous mountain course flew off a turn an proceeded to flip over at least a dozen times down the side of a Colorado hill.
The crash was captured on video and remarkably the driver and passenger are both fine, but the same cannot be said for their car.
The car was ripped to shreds as it crashed in during the Pikes Peak International hill Climb in Fountain, Colorado on Sunday.

Driver Jeremy Foley- who was participating in his first race at the well-known course- and his co-driver Yuri Kouznetsov were going predictably fast around a curve on mile 16 of the course and went off the side of the road.
Video of the crash shows that the Mistubishi Evolution 8 flips either 11 or 12 times before coming to a final stop alongside some small boulders.

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