Thursday, October 18, 2012

Toxic Gas spreads across Kuwait after leak

Yesterday while shopping in salmiya shopping street this smell was very strong @ aroung 9:30 pm. I though some drainage had leaked :( Saw some people wearing masks also. Looked strange that time.
The gas was hydrogen sulfide. You can read more about it in Wikipedia

A friend of mine who works in Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) has just sent me a photo for a major Sulfur gas leak in an oil drilling rig at Al-Rawdatain oil well (North of Kuwait), I called several of my friends in different areas of Kuwait and they are saying they can smell the gas already because of the wind direction! I’m not sure what was exactly the cause and if there were any casualties/fatalities but I hope not.
My friend says they had to set the gas on fire in an attempt to prevent it from spreading further, I’m afraid there is Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) gas which is extremely toxic and flammable even at very low concentrations (10PPM), anyone got any idea?
Update: I just received a video, KOC set fire in the leaking oil well to eliminate the gas. Also there are no reported casualties/fatalities so far. KOC chairman has made statement on TV reassuring people that there is no threat and everything is under control and students can go to school tomorrow.

Source : Bananaq8

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